A Few Tips on How to Produce Music

A Few Tips on How to Produce MusicYou have just written a really good song, perhaps your best yet, but the process is not over. You have to mix the song next. This is the point where I used to feel pretty annoyed by my music mixing techniques and all momentum and happy feelings that came from creating something would disappear. I could write song easily enough but when it came to music production I didn’t have a clue. I was too proud to ask someone for music mixing tips or music production tips and nobody seemed to have the answers I was looking for. This is why now that I can mix my own songs; I thought I would put together some of my own music mixing tips and music production tips to consider before you start you journey into music production.

Make sure you listen to more than one genre – You should listen to more than one genre to make your palate as full as it can be; it will also teach you how to produce music

Better Live Music Performance

Better Live Music PerformanceLive shows always present challenges to a band, but with the right attitude and planning it is very easy to pull off a great live show in a relaxed fashion that will help the audience enjoy the show. Here are some better live musical performance tips.

The first thing to do is have your equipment well organized. Generally when I play live I have all my stuff in my gig bag packed in such a way that the things on top are the things I will need first during my setup. To tell the truth this is easy to do – simply take some extra time after each performance to put things away in a neat organized fashion, in reverse order, then don’t use anything out of your gig bag until your next live show, which will hopefully be in a few days. When you are at your house generally you would not need a very elaborate setup just for simple practicing or songwriting etc. Just use the minimum, that way your gig bag is always packed with

How to Compose Music

How to Compose MusicComposing music is a completely natural process. It is more about expressing yourself with by using music as a channel to express your creativity. It is not possible to compose by asking for it or listening to the existing one to create a new one.

The moment of inspiration is the time when the gateway for a new composition is opened. In the meantime, all you need will be a pen and a paper. If you already know the notes, you can channelize your feelings to a paper in the form of notes. If you do not know the notes, then you can sing it to save in a sound recorder.

Inspiration, feeling and technically working on it, are the most important elements for producing music. Today the technical rules of composing can be taught in many music academies around the world.

But you will still need the individual inspiration to be able to compose music. Producing music without the inspiration will result with an expressionless sound reaching nowhere. Just like the noise without a message.

The Basic Things You Should Know About DJ Music Gear

The Basic Things You Should Know About DJ Music GearAre you trying to be a disk jockey or DJ, as it is popularly called? It is quite a lucrative job in the music industry as skilled DJs are paid handsomely. They usually get a lot of fame and respect from the crowd. Being a DJ means having the skill to switch on to the right music at the right time.

The DJs need to have mastery on many items of music gear. Highly proficient DJs, when using equipment like technics turntable, need to practice a lot before using it in the club environment. However, do not get disheartened if you are trying to be a DJ. There are other elements apart from skills, which you can master and be successful. Nevertheless, you need to have a thorough understanding of the DJ music gear.

What are the DJ music gear?

There are various items of music gear like USB turntables, USB tape to PC, deck packages, CD packages, automatic and manual computer DJ, record boxes, USB drums, slip mats, headphones,

Get To Know Some Information About Dubstep Music

Get To Know Some Information About Dubstep MusicDubstep is a genre of music and to be more specific it is a genre of electronic music. Conventionally, the genre is known for its hard-hitting and slow baselines and the vocals were not previously audible to the listeners due to the wobbly bass sound. However, in the North American style of this genre, vocals are more common. It was known to have been introduced in the United Kingdom in the early 1990s and initially the disk jockeys were experimenting with bass and drum. Recently, a new form of dubstep music was introduced in the North America; however traditionalists are commenting that this new form is aggressive and it has a glitch sound, which is far away from its original form.

This new form still has hard-hitting bass and drops, which is much more aggressive and slightly faster than the original. Many artists create great music and because of their great creation, they have obtained a position among top ten dubstep artists. Some of these professional artists have a large number of fans and

Electronic Music History and Todays Best Modern Proponents

Electronic Music History and Today's Best Modern ProponentsElectronic music history pre-dates the rock and roll era by decades. Most of us were not even on this planet when it began its often obscure, under-appreciated and misunderstood development. Today, this ‘other worldly’ body of sound which began close to a century ago, may no longer appear strange and unique as new generations have accepted much of it as mainstream, but it’s had a bumpy road and, in finding mass audience acceptance, a slow one.

Many musicians – the modern proponents of electronic music – developed a passion for analogue synthesizers in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s with signature songs like Gary Numan’s breakthrough, ‘Are Friends Electric?’. It was in this era that these devices became smaller, more accessible, more user friendly and more affordable for many of us. In this article I will attempt to trace this history in easily digestible chapters and offer examples of today’s best modern proponents.

To my mind, this was the beginning of a new epoch. To create electronic music, it was no longer necessary

Evolution of Music

Evolution of MusicMusic has been evolving since its creation. This evolution of music has led to a vast variety of music that all people can enjoy. Artists who make good music, are praised and revered for their talents, and recently this has lead to many aspiring musicians who want to acquire fame and fortune through their music. In the United States music in constantly evolving, and in recent years this evolution of music has sped up to a very fast rate. Music has evolved for many reasons including, improved technology, and change in culture, and a desire to create something new.

Primarily change in music has been related to the culture. During the Middle Ages music everyday music was located in two places, the church and the tavern. This was not a good atmosphere for good music to bloom. However during the Baroque period, 1600-1750, wealthy people began to hire musicians to compose music for them. These patrons would pay the musicians to compose and play music for the patrons enjoyment, and for entertainment at his or her parties. Music did

Should DJs Be Young

Should DJ's Be YoungOne of the most rewarding musical careers paths one can follow is as a disk jockey (DJ). In this article we simply ask if this job should be limited to young people only.

Personally I have been involved in playing music for over twenty years. During this time I have worked in night clubs, bars at big youth conferences in fact across a whole range of events. Now it is no secret that I am not getting any younger, in fact a couple of years ago I crossed the 40 milestone. So I guess my answer to the age of DJ’s will come from my own personal experience and perspective.

Now you may expect me to immediately say because of my own age that age does not matter in this job. But the fact is it can and does in certain circumstances for a couple of reasons.

1) Stamina – Unless you are exceptionally fit you will find it hard to maintain your energy levels as a career DJ working on the club scene as you

Let Your Computer Be the Disc Jockey

Let Your Computer Be the Disc JockeyYour friends have been cajoling you into hosting a party and after a long time, you finally relented to their request. So you, along with some of your friends, went out to buy the necessary food and drinks that you would need for the party. You were all so busy that you forgot that the CD rack on your audio system got fried two days ago. Using your computer’s CD drive is out of the question because you only got two small speakers and music from which would definitely be drowned out by the chatter that is going to happen.

You were in a quandary on what to do because the hour for the party is drawing near. Well, you really should not worry because you can have your audio system and your computer work hand in hand to become the best disk jockey anybody has ever seen.

First, try to find a wire that has a stereo mini-jack audio plug on one end and dual RCA audio plugs on the other end. If

Music Makes Me Smile

Music Makes Me SmileHeh, have you ever had a not so great day where everything seems to be going wrong? Maybe your wife backed the car into the garage door?

Or the dogs ran through the house with mud on their paws right after you had the carpets cleaned? The neighbor kid wakes you up at 5 in the morning and you’re not a morning person?

I once heard the definition of a bad day. You know you’re having a bad day if you’re following a motorcycle gang of Hells Angels and your car horn gets stuck.

You know you’re having a bad day if you wake up and your waterbed has sprung a leak, except you don’t own a waterbed. You know you’re having a bad day when. You fill in the blanks.

So you say you’re having a bad day, eh? You flip on the radio and even though you’re a conservative, those right wing talk show hosts are giving you a headache.

You punch the FM button and start scanning the dial for

Setting the Mood With A Wedding DJ

Setting the Mood With A Wedding DJMusic sets the mood for any event. It also plays an important part during weddings because it somehow tells a story about the newlywed couple. A party without any music is no party at all. While hiring a live band may be a great idea, it has some cons; mainly, on your budget. As an alternative, receptions can still have good music with the help of a wedding DJ.

Live music from a wedding band costs differently depending on factors such as:

– Number of sets

– Number of members

– Popularity of the band

– Other fees (transportation, food, allowance)

The quality of music from a band is undeniably different than that from a wedding DJ but the truth is, they can both create the same ambience for your special day. It’s just a matter of hiring the right disk jockeys. A 5-piece band in Tampa usually costs from $1200 to $2000. This should get you 3 hours of live music. Some bring their own equipment like amps, microphones,

Computerized DJ

Computerized DJA Computerized DJ or a Computer DJ based in Ontario, Mississauga, Toronto or any other part of Canada is a Disc Jockey who uses a computer, mostly laptops to play digital music. The music is usually .mp3 or .wav encoded audio music files played to a public crowd. Some common DJ entertainer software programs include Traktor DJ Studio, Ableton Live, Torq, PCDJ, Virtual DJ/Numark Cue, Scratch live, Deckadance, Ultramixer and djay. A good example of computer disc jockeys are the majority of professional Toronto DJs, the best among them being Toronto wedding DJs.

Professional Toronto Dee Jays are among the worlds best and are taking this spinning business into new dimensions. They even have Toronto wedding DJ services. When one books one of these Toronto professionals they are booking a whole entertainment suite that will cater for all the wedding entertainment services from beginning to end. Toronto wedding music professionals are some of the most professional disk jockeys due to the challenges they face in adapting to different wedding scenarios. The of them are organized into formal registered associations. What

How To Make Your Guitar Vibrato Sound Amazing

How To Make Your Guitar Vibrato Sound AmazingVibrato is one of the most important guitar techniques to master if you want to sound like a pro. All the most skilled players have great vibrato, while the majority of other players simply think this skill it will just improve on its own (without practice). In reality, your vibrato technique MUST sound good, otherwise your overall guitar playing will sound like crap.

To develop amazing sounding vibrato, you have to strip down the technique to its bare essentials, work on developing each one in isolation and then begin integrating them all together.

The following are five key pieces of advice that will put you on the right path towards mastering vibrato and making your guitar playing sound amazing:

One. Understand Exactly What You Are Searching For

As you practice vibrato, know for certain what sound you are searching for and what sound you don’t want.

Truly amazing vibrato and really bad vibrato are nothing alike. Amazing vibrato is always:

– Played with control

– In tune

The Earliest Age To Start Piano

The Earliest Age To Start PianoHaving taught piano for many years, a very popular question that I am often asked is “When can my child start piano lessons?” No matter how many different ways that question has been asked, I say the answer varies that many times.

We know that all children are different. They have different skills and abilities. I would say that there are three categories for determining when your child can start lessons: skills, emotional maturity and natural musical abilities.

At 6 years old, a child begins reading skills, and they have a good attention span. It is a nice age to start. Younger children (3-5) who enjoy clapping, singing and moving to music can also get started learning the names of the white keys. The basic counts to quarter and half notes are introduced as well.

There are wonderful programs such as Musik Garden, Music Together and WunderKeys for young children. Many coloring books are available for the younger musician to color piano keys, music signs and symbols. I recommend WunderKeys Books and Bastien’s Piano

Reasons Why You Are Struggling to Hit the Right Pitch

Reasons Why You Are Struggling to Hit the Right PitchAre you struggling to hit the right pitch?

If you’re not singing a song with good pitch, everyone can hear it. Whether you’re too sharp or too flat on certain notes will make or break a song. Imagine if you were listening to a band playing and the instruments were out of tune. The song may be recognizable, but it is certainly not as enjoyable to listen to under such circumstances. Well if you’re a singer, there’s a cure. Try following the suggestions below and see if there’s room for improvement.

1. You may actually be yelling. Especially when the song requires us hitting higher notes, some of us tend to raise our volume in order to try to project those notes. Although your pitch may be close to correct. Screaming not only messes with your singing tone, but can damage your vocal cords.

2. You need to stand up straight. Poor posture can have a negative effect on your singing voice. In when you are reaching for the

Music Mixing Tips To Be An Awesome Audio Engineer

Music Mixing Tips To Be An Awesome Audio EngineerToday, anyone with a laptop and a few recording microphones has all the tools they need to record, produce, and mix music and create their own recording studio. The home recording studio revolution is here. But with the ever increasing (and often overwhelming) choices of EQs, compressors and load of other plugins, how do we put them together to make a great sounding mix? With increasing demands on sound quality, audio engineering is essential to get your track to stand out from the masses. Here are some tips to help you improve in your mixing process.

1) Are your ingredients fresh?

Making a fresh dish is impossible without fresh ingredients. Likewise, in audio engineering, if you start out with badly recorded tracks containing hiss, phasing problems, room reflections, you are going to have a harder time trying to make anything sound good. So rule of thumb, rather than pulling your hair out when it’s too late, record your audio well. Use a good recording microphone. Record in a soundproof room and do

Masterful Music Mixing

Masterful Music MixingMusic mixing is an intense and elaborate subject. There are many schools of thought regarding mixing and many tips and tricks out there to help you with your own home recordings. Here is a selection of tips that can make your mix better. When you need your mix to sound greater, better and more dynamic, try out a few of these suggestions.

A mix should sound organic and on the move. Try automating your strings parts, use volume, reverb or effects to make your long sustained notes breathe with the song. These sounds are the undercurrent of your song and should flow from one place to the other.

Don’t settle for presets
Many newbies just use the presets that come with their software program. They don’t think of the context of which they are using these presets, i.e. their song. Maybe that compressor doesn’t do anything to that particular instrument because the preset is just way too off in context with everything else. Work with your plugins and try to understand the parameters instead of slapping on

Manage Your Stress With Music

Manage Your Stress With MusicAs a singer I’ve known for a long time that music reaches a part of me nothing else can. I am also very aware of how music affects my mood. Some things I listen to energize me, others calm me and others make me quite depressed.

I like a wide variety of music, so it’s not always the type of music that determines how it will affect my mood. I especially like what’s called New Age. Mostly I find it calming. I like to play it while I work and drive to manage my stress levels and help my concentration. Some songs however have the opposite affect and leave me feeling more stressed and depressed.

Music, like scents, can also bring back memories very strongly. You’ve heard many couples speak of their song. At their wedding, it creates very happy memories. After a divorce however, hearing that same music can have a completely different effect! So what you listen to in order to reduce stress is very important.

Music works as a stress management technique

How to Read Piano Sheet Music

How to Read Piano Sheet MusicLearning how to read piano sheet music is like learning to read a foreign language. The more you practice, the more familiar it becomes. Here are 3 tips on reading from 2 different staffs.

Tip 1 – Piano sheet music is written on 2 staffs linked together by a bracket. A staff is a series of 5 parallel lines onto which music is notated.
The Right Hand reads from the Top Staff.
The Left Hand reads from the Bottom Staff.
The bracket means read from both staffs simultaneously.
This is what makes playing the piano harder than any other instrument, but also hugely enjoyable because you can create harmony.

Tip 2 – The upper staff, for the Right Hand, has a treble clef at the beginning. This looks like the letter G. Its job is to fix the pitch of one specific note. The treble clef fixes the pitch of the 2nd line up. The 2nd line up is the G directly above Middle C.
Here is an easy way to remember the Right Hand